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Onabizhub – Overport and Around Online Business Directory

Onabizhub is an online directory that will service the following areas, Overport, Sherwood, Westville, Musgrave, Morningside, Asherville, Sparks Estate, Springfield, Reservoir Hills, Glenwood, Berea, essentially Overport and all it’s surrounding areas. The purpose of this site is to provide users with on the fingertip results for business information for businesses that are listed on the site. Furthermore, a key feature included is a product search and price check. The user will be able to search for a particular product and the result will also show prices thus providing the user with the information of which business has the product at the best price. Very handy indeed !

Searches can be undertaken by business name, business catergory or by product as already mentioned above and can also be restricted to a certain radius as well. Businesses that list on this site will enjoy a comprehensive list of fields that will provide an effective domain for them to market their business. Furthermore, we have included a community as well so each business that lists on onabizhub will have a community profile as well to market directly to their clients via mail. This will enable a business to send out mass email notifications to just about everybody informing them of specials and all business information. This provides for an excellent marketing platform at no extra cost. is designed to market all businesses, irrespective of size. It will provide key business information at a touch of a button. Can be accessed from all devices, this site is completely responsive.

If you tired of printing handbills and advertising in newspapers because it’s just too costly, then advertise on where advertising is cheap but most effective !

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